Is Your Organization Prepared For Top 2021 Cybersecurity Threats?

  • Deepfakes: This trick uses artificial intelligence to combine words and create phony images and messaging.
  • Synthetic Identities: This new method to perpetrate fraud blends real and fabricated personal identity information to build a representation of a real person.
  • AI-Powered Digital Attacks: Cybercriminals can now create programs that even replicate human behaviors to fool people into providing sensitive financial information.
  • 5G Challenges: The rollout of 5G is expected to increase cybersecurity risks on the Internet of Things (IoT) logistics networks.
  • Auto Hacks: Increased reliance on technology in cars, SUVs, and other vehicles, has cracked the door for a new type of automobile hack.
  • Cloud Jacking: This type of cyber-attack leverages weaknesses in programs and systems to penetrate Cloud-based networks and use them to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Ransomware Attacks: According to Security Magazine, more than 151 million ransomware attacks were carried out during the first three-quarters of 2019 alone. They show no sign of slowing down.

Chief Security Officers

The Need For Privacy-Compliance Professionals

Growth in Zero-Trust Networks




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mPowered IT

Comprehensive IT Service & Support for Businesses and Medical Practices.

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